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Top Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Small and Medium Business Owners (Windows and MacOS)


Time is a valuable resource, especially for small and medium-sized business owners who often juggle multiple tasks at once. One way to save time and increase productivity is by mastering keyboard shortcuts. In this blog post, we'll share some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and MacOS users to help you work more efficiently.

1. Copy, Cut, and Paste (Windows: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V; MacOS: Cmd+C, Cmd+X, Cmd+V)

These basic shortcuts are essential for quickly copying, cutting, and pasting text or files within documents and across different applications.

2. Undo and Redo (Windows: Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y; MacOS: Cmd+Z, Cmd+Shift+Z)

Made a mistake? No worries! Use these shortcuts to undo your last action and redo it if needed.

3. Find (Windows: Ctrl+F; MacOS: Cmd+F)

Searching for specific text in a document or webpage? Press the shortcut and type your search term in the box that appears to quickly find and highlight all instances.

4. Save (Windows: Ctrl+S; MacOS: Cmd+S)

Make it a habit to save your work frequently to avoid losing any progress. Use the shortcut to quickly save your document.

5. Switch Between Open Applications (Windows: Alt+Tab; MacOS: Cmd+Tab)

Easily navigate between your open applications by using the appropriate shortcut for your operating system.

6. Take a Screenshot (Windows: PrtScn or Alt+PrtScn; MacOS: Cmd+Shift+3 or Cmd+Shift+4)

Capture a screenshot of your entire screen or a selected area to quickly share information or save an image for reference.

7. Lock Your Computer (Windows: Windows+L; MacOS: Ctrl+Cmd+Q)

Stepping away from your desk? Quickly secure your computer by using this shortcut to lock the screen.


Mastering keyboard shortcuts can save you valuable time and help you work more efficiently. By incorporating these time-saving shortcuts into your daily routine, small and medium-sized business owners can focus on more important tasks and achieve greater success.

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